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What I value most about our sessions is that you make me think differently about things. You allow me time and space to deal with tricky issues that the normal course of my day simply doesn't allow for. You gently nudge me in a direction which opens up avenues for me. Your calm, human approach is something I really love.

Tamara, CEO Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels

I worked with David originally on a weekend workshop and then on a regular basis. David helped bring clarity to my thinking and processing of my situation, allowing me to bring structure around changes I was wishing to make without overwhelm. David is very personable, a great listener and somehow manages to empower you to make your own decisions that may well have been lurking in your subconscious.

Matt, Managing Partner, Property Company

It feels like a safe space with a wise head in the room. You helped me take a step back and remind me that I am human. I will fall down but I WILL get up again.

Natasha, MD Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels

David was a great support and coach throughout an especially difficult time during covid lockdowns as we adapted to a new normal. He always made me feel at ease with reassuring and easy to digest methods to manage both professional and personal situations. We struck up a solid and trustworthy relationship very quickly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or work with him again.

Ben, Art Director, Evening Standard

David has been an important pillar in my leadership development journey and I couldn't be more grateful. He is very approachable, caring and talented. If you haven't connected with him yet, you should.

Marion, Head of Partnerships, Travel



If you feel this is the right journey for you,

email me to set up an informal chat.

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