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David Liversage

Coach . Revivologist . Facilitator . Speaker

Rediscover who you are. Create a more balanced and meaningful work-life.

I’m David, a Personal Growth and Leadership Coach and workplace culture enthusiast. I specialise helping senior professionals and business leaders  reconnect with what they want from work.


I'm also a Revivologist - providing a safe sanctuary to explore, prevent or recover from executive burnout.

I work with private clients, corporate and SME leaders.


Thought pieces, advice and everything in between.

How do I provide private and corporate clients a safe sanctuary to talk openly about burnout and the skills to create healthy working lives and cultures?

I offer simple tools and frameworks to encourage new ways of thinking which will help transition you from an ‘autopilot mindset’ and challenge old patterns that may no longer serve you.


It can be overwhelming to discuss and work on your self, so I provide a safe space to help you better understand  your inner landscape. I help  unlock stuckness to create clarity.


We all can feel a bit lost at times.

I help you revive your zest for work and find balance by remembering who you really are. I am there to guide you home.

How would working with me change your perspective and encourage change? 

The entire process you will experience is about discovery and co-creation based on a hybrid of coaching and mentoring.

I listen, on a deep empathic level to what is not being said as you’re sharing your story, so that I can then ask the powerful questions that will help you arrive to where you need to be.


I immerse myself into your world in a very human way to understand where you are either stuck or restricting yourself to provide clarity for your future within the workplace. 


A selection of clients I work with.



If you feel this is the right journey for you,

email me to set up an informal chat.

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